create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

  • Tips for Giving Your Landscaping New Life

    As the chill of the late winter shifts into early spring, it's time to start thinking about what your yard is going to need. As soon as the late frost has passed and there's no more worry of freezing temperatures, you can start digging into your landscaping plans to bring some color and life back into your yard. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Don't Rush It

  • Winter Landscape Projects You Can Offer Customers

    If you feel like your landscaping business shuts down once the weather starts to change, then you can be missing out on profitable opportunities that your customers can enjoy. Here are a few winter landscape projects you can offer customers so you can stay in business all year long. Driveway salting and snow removal You can buy bulk road salt from a landscape supply company to offer to salt your customers' driveways or private roads in the winter.

  • Worried About How Winter Will Affect Your Lawn? Tips To Help It Survive Winter Weather

    Keeping the lawn healthy and thriving through severe winter weather is a problem that Canadian homeowners face each fall. If you are one of these homeowners, you already know that the health and appearance your lawn offers next summer is likely to be impacted by any severe weather conditions that occur this winter. Excessive amounts of snow and ice or periods of below average temperatures can stress or even kill grass that has not been properly prepared.

  • Re-Landscaping Your Yard? Three Ways To Turn That Ho-Hum Retaining Wall Into Something Smashing

    Face it, that cement retaining wall just does nothing for your backyard landscaping. Why not take that ho-hum length of cement and turn it into something that is pleasing to look at?  Below are three ways to make your retaining wall stand out: Forget the Cement, Go Natural Natural stone pavers are a colourful way to add texture and visual interest to a retaining wall. The easiest method is to leave the existing wall up and stack the pavers in front of it, which also adds another layer of protection.

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Irrigation System Might Be Causing High Water Bills

    Many people don't realize it, but an irrigation system can actually help you conserve water while keeping your lawn nice and green. However, if your irrigation system has a problem, it can cause elevated water bills. If you have recently noticed that your water bills have been high, there is a chance that there is a problem with your system. These are a few things that could be causing higher water bills.

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    create an outdoor getaway at home

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