create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

Tips For Irrigating Your Yard

by Alfredo Gibson

If you are finding that it is difficult for you to keep your lawn and plants healthy and vibrant, there is a chance that this problem could be due to the plants failing to receive enough water. When your property is experiencing these problems, you will want to be aware of a few tips that can help you to ensure your property is properly irrigated:

Minimize Erosion

Erosion can be a common issue for properties to experience. When this issue arises, a homeowner may focus on the more immediate problems that it can cause, such as plants becoming unstable and foundation damage occurring to the house. However, this issue can also contribute to the remaining plants struggling to receive enough moisture. The layer of topsoil is extremely nutrient rich, and it will help to retain moisture around the roots of the plant. This will help the plant to have sufficient time to absorb the water that it is needing. These reasons make it important to take a proactive stance when it concerns minimizing erosion problems.

Utilize Mulch Where It Is Appropriate

Depending on the climate in your area, it can be possible for the soil to be mostly dry within a fairly short period of time after the watering the plants. Slowing the rate of evaporation can be essential for keeping your plants healthy. Luckily, mulch is an easy solution to this problem. By applying a layer of mulch around the base of your plants, you can ensure the roots have a reasonable amount of time to absorb the water. When you are placing mulch around the base of your plants, you will want to leave at least a couple of inches of space between the mulch and the base of the plant. Otherwise, you could contribute to the plant's stem or trunk becoming diseased and rotted.  

Install A Slow-Drip Irrigation System

During the growing months, you will likely want to water your plants to keep them hydrated during periods between rain showers. While this step will be essential if you are to keep your plants alive and healthy, it can also be extremely wasteful with water as sprinklers will lose much of the water to evaporation. Additionally, you may not enjoy spending much of your free time manually watering your plants. Installing a drip irrigation system can be a great way of minimizing these problems as this system is extremely water efficient. Furthermore, these systems are easy to install so that you can complete this project without hiring professional contractors.

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