create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

Tips To Help You Get Started Installing A Drip Irrigation Watering System

by Alfredo Gibson

Keeping your yard's landscaping and vegetable garden watered during the warm months of the year does not need to be difficult, time consuming, or cause you to waste water. A drip irrigation helps you conserve water, cut down on weed growth, and reduce soil erosion. You can hire a contractor to help you plan and complete the installation or install your own drip irrigation system yourself. Here are some tips to help you get started so you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of this type of system. 

Consider Using an Installation Kit

When you are not sure where to begin with installing an entire drip irrigation system in your yard, using a starter kit can be helpful. At most home improvement stores, you can find irrigation supplies and a starter kit for a drip irrigation system with everything you will need to set up your system. Then, you can add onto your kit by buying additional tubing, emitters, drip lines, or garden stakes to make the irrigation system large enough to fit your entire landscaping and garden. A starter kit also lets you try various types of tubing and water emitters to find out what is available and works best for you.

The kit includes items, such as a pressure regulator, which you attach onto your exterior water spigot. Because the water inside your irrigation system does not need to be the full pressure of water that comes from your city's water, the pressure regulator reduces the water's pressure to a lower and more regulated one so the tubing and drip emitters do not become damaged from the high pressure.

Add Drip Irrigation Extras

There are additional parts you can add onto your system after you install it. First, you may consider buying a watering timer. This can be installed right onto the adapter that is attached from your outdoor spigot and is powered by batteries. A timer allows you to program your drip system to run on specific dates and for a specific time. This is especially helpful if you work long hours or will be out of town for several days and won't be around to manually water your vegetation. 

Another helpful addition to your system is a fertilizer injector you can add onto the irrigation tubing that delivers water to all your plants. You can add fertilizer when your plants need it and it will combine automatically with the water flowing into the system and feed your plants appropriately.

Now you are ready to begin installing your drip system onto your landscaping and gardens.   


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