create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

Winter Landscape Projects You Can Offer Customers

by Alfredo Gibson

If you feel like your landscaping business shuts down once the weather starts to change, then you can be missing out on profitable opportunities that your customers can enjoy. Here are a few winter landscape projects you can offer customers so you can stay in business all year long.

Driveway salting and snow removal

You can buy bulk road salt from a landscape supply company to offer to salt your customers' driveways or private roads in the winter. Salt helps break down the ice and snow buildup that can make these areas slick and difficult to navigate. In providing this service to your customers, you can help them keep their main driving paths from their property safer during the heavy winter months.

In addition to offering to salt peoples' driveways and private roads, you can offer snow removal as well. You can place customers on an automatic list that will allow you to remove snow from their properties after heavy snowfall, or allow them to call you when they feel they need their driveways cleared. You can charge your customers a flat rate for the service or charge by the hour, depending on how large the snow removal project is you are working with.

Tree and branch removal

Many customers worry about heavy snowfall on their trees that can cause branches to break off and damage their vehicles, roofs, or garages. Let your customers know that you can remove offending or weak branches and trees during the winter months to keep their properties safer. This is a service you can offer during the fall season before winter fully sets in as a precautionary preparation for the heavy snowfall to come.

Tree pruning is also a project you can perform in winter. Many fruit trees are best pruned in late winter or early spring, and other decorative shrubs thrive when they are trimmed in late winter. Before winter sets in, let your customers who have foliage that needs pruning know that winter is the best time of year to have these projects done, and you can find yourself with ample winter work all season long.

If you want your landscape business to stay busy all year long, you want to come up with winter projects that you can work on all winter long. From salting peoples' private driveways and roads to pruning fruit trees, there are many services you can offer your customers to help you stay profitable all times of the year.


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