create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

Worried About How Winter Will Affect Your Lawn? Tips To Help It Survive Winter Weather

by Alfredo Gibson

Keeping the lawn healthy and thriving through severe winter weather is a problem that Canadian homeowners face each fall. If you are one of these homeowners, you already know that the health and appearance your lawn offers next summer is likely to be impacted by any severe weather conditions that occur this winter. Excessive amounts of snow and ice or periods of below average temperatures can stress or even kill grass that has not been properly prepared. If you would like to help keep your lawn healthy and increase its ability to withstand the stress of winter, the following tips can help.

Nourish Existing Grass

A well-nourished lawn will be better able to resist the stress of severe winter weather conditions. To do this, homeowners should consider applying a good quality commercial lawn fertilizer or a layer of high quality compost before the first frost each autumn. This extra nutrition will nourish roots and help ensure that they can support lush growth in the spring.

Aerate Each Fall

Aerating the lawn in the fall is a great way to restore health to a lawn after a full summer of being compacted by the foot traffic of children, pets, toys and other outdoor activities. Aeration can be done manually with a special hand tool or you can rent or buy a motorized unit for to use on larger lawns.

The action of aerating helps the soil absorb necessary nutrients and moisture as well as oxygenating and loosening the soil to give grass more room for healthy growth.  

Skip the Rake and Choose to Mulch

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that raking their yards clean of fallen leaves is the best practice for the appearance and health of their lawn. Instead, however, raking up the fallen leaves actually removes vital nutrients and organic matter that can help nourish and protect grass from severe weather.

To take full advantage of mulching, simply choose to mow over the leaves with your lawn mower, instead of raking them. If the leaf matter is thick and the first pass of the lawn mower is not able to mulch the leaves into small pieces, simply mow the area a second time, starting from a different direction. You can also choose to outfit your mower with a special mulching blade, if you prefer.  

Consider Investing in Hardier Grass Varieties

If you have already been fertilizing, aerating and mulching your lawn and still find that you are faced with an unattractive or unhealthy lawn each spring, you may need to choose a different type of grass seed. Look for varieties that perform well in your immediate area. Consulting a local lawn care specialist can help you determine any specific problems your lawn may be experiencing and provide fresh ideas on resolving them.  

For professional lawn care help, contact a company such as Giant Property Maintenance Co.


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