create an outdoor getaway at home

create an outdoor getaway at home

Re-Landscaping Your Yard? Three Ways To Turn That Ho-Hum Retaining Wall Into Something Smashing

by Alfredo Gibson

Face it, that cement retaining wall just does nothing for your backyard landscaping. Why not take that ho-hum length of cement and turn it into something that is pleasing to look at?  Below are three ways to make your retaining wall stand out:

Forget the Cement, Go Natural

Natural stone pavers are a colourful way to add texture and visual interest to a retaining wall. The easiest method is to leave the existing wall up and stack the pavers in front of it, which also adds another layer of protection. Since pavers are basically flat, they can easily be dry-stacked because the weight of the pavers keeps them in place.

Granite and limestone are two popular paver stone options. Granite has more color choice and a more intricate grain pattern. Limestone is more uniform. Use additional pavers to create a small patio, add some outdoor furniture and maybe some potted plants and you've turned that boring cement wall into a backyard oasis.

Add Tiers for Architectural Interest

All retaining walls are necessarily vertical, but most just have one level from top to bottom. Adding tiers lets you play around with the space, allowing you to build out, rather than just up. Think of it as a set of stairs, each one having space for flowers, shrubs or even a bird bath. Dry-stacked natural stone works well for this. Decide on the width of your bottom tier, stack the stone and then fill the area with soil.

Stack the next tier of stones on top, but set it back so some of the first tier is exposed. Fill that with soil and then continue until you have the number of tiers needed. Add stepping stones to make it easier to get your plants. Then go crazy planting and adding decorative garden features.

Create a Peek-A-Boo Flower Wall

Adding flowers to a retaining wall instantly adds color. Instead of stacking pavers against your cement wall, use precast cement blocks. Stagger the blocks so there are spaces in-between to place potted plants. Cement blocks tend to be uniform in colour, so use boldly hued decorative pots as a contrast.

Change the look of your peek-a-boo flower wall by rearranging the pots periodically or adding new ones. You might be in the mood for pansies one growing season and petunias the next. The pots give you that easy change option. Think of it as a vertical, changeable flower bed. Contact a company like Retaining Walls by St Boniface Landscaping & Pavingstone to learn more.


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create an outdoor getaway at home

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